☾ she who hears ☽

earth tones, birthstones, and erogenous zones

For women who are tied to the moon, love alone is not enough. We insist each day wrap it’s knuckles through our heart strings and pull. The lows. The joy. The poetry. We dance at the edge of a cliff, you have fallen off. So it goes. You will climb up again.

You rare girl, once again, you have a body that belongs to no lover, to no father, belongs to no one but you. Wear your sorrow like the lines on your palm. Like a shawl to keep you warm at night. Don’t mourn the love that is lost to you now. It is a book of poems whose meters worked their way into your pulse. Even if it has slipped from your hands, it will stay in your body.

You loved a man who treated you like absinthe, half poison and half god. He tried to sweeten you, to water you down. So you left. And now you have your heart all to yourself again. A heart like a stone cottage. Heart like a lover’s diary. Hope like an ocean.

La Perla

our toilet fuckin screeches/moans and makes other creepy ass noises every night when we leave the tank on. we call dis bitch moaning myrtle.

a selfie

by the time you realize that you love me, it’ll be too late

I have become more familiar with loss than love

Low Luv x Erin Wasson Evil Eye stud earrings